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BubbleTime was created to bring excellence in Car Care. We are in the business of focusing on the details and making sure that every inch of your car shines spotless like new. Our wide range of services is designed to ensure that we cover all possible car detailing and polishing needs. We also provide a range of additional services to ensure unmatched convenience for our valued clients.

With a fully equipped state of the art detailing, our highly skilled team members are able to service all of our clients detailing needs from maintenance details through to ceramic paint protection and paint protection system (PPS).

In order to ensure that we are ready for any detailing service that our clients may require, we employ a full range of premium, top of the line, professional, reliable, and tested US, European and Japanese products to handle any detailing service.

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OUR Mission


Through our unique service delivery model provide the highest quality, most convenient and professional car care and protection service to our retail and corporate accounts in Orange County through

(a) sourcing top of the line, most technologically advanced and tested car care products.

(b) continuous professional development of our staff.

(c) focusing on the client’s needs and expectations while providing the opportunity for business growth across California.

BubbleTime was founded on the understanding that it must hold itself to the highest and latest world standards in the car detailing industry.


OUR Vision




We are always thinking about how we can make a better service, one that helps car lovers get closer to perfection. “Good enough” is not in our vocabulary. Why? Because we make it for ourselves first, and we want the very best. Our pride is on the line. If it’s not the best you can buy, it’s not going out the door.